why outsource your billing to statim?

Over the last decade, medical providers have become buried in more and more billing requirements while it has become exceedingly difficult to get paid, and get paid accurately, for their services. Insurers seem to find more sophisticated ways to deny providers payment. Today, every provider faces the potential of getting paid less for doing more work. At risk is the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in revenue to your practice.

At Statim Medical Billing, we can help to substantially lower your cots and increase your collected revenue. A thorough assessment of your current billing and coding situation helps us find all of your revenue opportunities and ensures you are reaching your fullest potential. We make sure every dime you've earned is paid out to you.

Revenue Opportunities

We can help you find the money you don't even know you are missing. Thorough, on-going practice assessment ensures that we are collecting the highest rates for every service you perform.

Work Flow

Statim improves your efficiency related to billing and collections, offering the latest in technology and secure system backup. Making the switch saves you time and money.


Stability & flexibility

Employees come and go. With Statim you can build upon your business without increasing fixed overhead costs.

best Practices

Our goal is to provide you with superior service through the utilization of advanced technology and best practice. Data entry and electronic downloads are handled immediately to expedite processing. Billing is handled daily. Internal audits are conducted weekly to maintain the highest performance of our staff.

Professional Staffing

Leave this to us; instead of having a limited staff manage your office billing, with Statim you gain a team of highly experienced specialists dedicated to meeting your financial goals. We offer you continuous service: no sick days, vacation or staff turnover concerns. Statim is at your service, always. 


Seamless transition

Statim uses state-of-the-art technology at a price you can afford. Make an essential decision to incorporate Statim, a value-based company, as your total billing solution.